Anyone interested in visiting the department as a prospective graduate student should contact Nick Belluzzo, our current Moderator.



Hello! Hola, Cześć, Pẹlẹ o, 你好

These are just some of the ways our current anthrograds can greet you when you visit us this year to check out our amazing 2016-2017 events. We have students from all over the country, and the world for that matter, who are spending the next years devoting their life to the study of Historical Anthropology; a program with which you all are no doubt very familiar.

We want to reach out to you, especially those who have completed graduate studies at W&M, to hear all about your lives, your work, and your interests. Why? We need guidance and advice, and want to hear from others who have pursued these studies and emerged on the other side. We also want to inform you about some big ideas that have come to fruition just this year.

  • Join us at our public archaeology booth (co-hosted with the undergraduate AnthroClub) at Williamsburg’s 2nd Sundays Art & Music Festival.
  • Look out for our trending #whereintheworldwednesdays on facebook, instagram
  • Oooh and ahhh at our upcoming exhibit at SWEM Library for Virginia Archaeology Month in October.
  • Consider cleaning out those old graduate school books and donating them to our NEW Lending Library in the Greenhouse.
  • Stay tuned for the big unveiling of our Graduate Student Collective speaker series.
  • Most importantly you can stay current with the inner thoughts, cutting-edge research, as well as campus and community events of our anthrograds through our new BLOG and PODCAST.

If you are overcome with the need to support the graduate students, please click on the Donate button below and navigate your way to ‘Anthropology Graduate Research Fund’.


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