Invited Speakers

Anthropology Graduate Student Collective Guest Speaker Series

We have had the pleasure of hosting a range of speakers from all over the world, whose topics of study span from Anthropology to History.


Drs. Andrzej and Marlena Antczak, Department of Archaeology, University of Leiden

Making Visible the Invisible: Advances in the Nexus 1492 Research Project in Northern Venezuela

Nicholas Card, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland

Secrets of the Ness of Brodgar: a Stone-Age Complex in the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site


Charlotte Goudge, Department of Archaeology, University of Bristol

Liquid Power: An Archaeological Excavation of an Antiguan Rum Distillery

Aisling Tierney, Department of Archaeology, University of Bristol

The Outrage of the Hell-Fire Clubs: Sex, Satanism, and Shenanigans

Dr. George P. Nicholas, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University

Shifting from “Consult” to “Consent” Social Responsibility in Indigenous Heritage Research and Archaeology


Lynsey Bates, Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

From Provisions to Pots: Spatial Organization and Market Participation on Jamaican Sugar Estates

Dr. Alison Bell, Department of Anthropology, Washington and Lee University

Consuming Bacon and Theorizing Thrift: A Reading of Early 19th-Century Rural Virginians

Dr. Mary Beaudry, Department of Anthropology, Boston University

Gastronomical Archaeology: Food, Materiality, and Practices of Dining

Dr. Kim Allen, Program Officer, Cultural Anthropologist, University of North Carolina AND Jamaal Sparkks, Urban Awareness, Inc.

Historic District Yes!  Baseball Stadium No!  Raising Awareness of the Slavery-Related History of Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom


Dr. Daniel Bluestone, Department of Anthropology, University of Virginia

Dr. Daniel Sayers, Department of Anthropology, American University

Across the Dark Waters of the Desert: Contemplations on the Diasporic History of the Great Dismal Swamp, 1600-1860

Dr. Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts

A Woman’s Place is In the Home: The Archaeology of Race and Gender at the W. E. B. Du Bois Homesite, Great Barrington, MA


Dr. Kevin McBride, Department of Anthropology, University of Connecticut

The Memory and Legacy of the Pequot War


Dr. David G. Orr, Department of Anthropology, Temple University


Dr. James M. Davidson, Department of Anthropology, University of Florida

African Spiritualities in the New World: The Evidence at Kingsley Plantation, Fort George Island, Duval County, Florida (1814-1839)

Dr. Christopher Fennell, Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois

African Diaspora Archaeology in Multiscalar and Multivariate Perspectives


Dr. Anna Agie-Davies, Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina

Critical Systematics and the Archaeology of Race in 17th-century Virginia

Dr. James A. Delle, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, Shippensburg University


Dr. Bernard Moitt, Department of History, Virginia Commonwealth University

Gender and Slavery in the French Caribbean: Work, Resistance, and Manumission in the 17th and 18th Century Atlantic World

Dr. Audrey Horning, School of Geography, Archaeology, and Paleoecology, Queens University, Belfast

Identity and Heritage Construction in Colonial and Post-colonial Contexts






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