It has been a whirlwind spring semester, with barely enough time between tasks to keep up with the political news of the day. Politics aside–for that is fodder for another post–this semester the anthrograd students have presented work at international conferences, published books and papers, as well as been awarded some fairly prestigious grants. We are a diverse group of people with divergent research interests, but can always come together over a pint at Dog Street Pub. Here we recognize the significant efforts of those below for their academic and professional accomplishments.

(From top left to right: Konrad Antczak, Hayden Bassett, Jenna Deitmeier, Ashley Atkins-Spivey, Andrew Beaupre, Emily Bagdasarian)

This group of six, count them, SIX students completed their dissertations and masters thesis this year. The geographic regions of study ranged from Jamaica, to Venezuela, to Canada, in addition to Virginia’s own plantation and indigenous locales. The underlying theoretical and methodological frameworks synthesized by these individuals were some of the most progressing and interesting to come out of William & Mary to date.

(from top left to right: Patrick Johnson, Jess Bittner, Summer Moore, and Mallory Moran)

Students haven’t just been busy graduating, they have also been recognized for their outstanding work. Patrick Johnson received the Provost Dissertation Fellowship to complete his studies on the 17th and 18th century Yamassee. Jess Bittner was able to score a prestigious Smithsonian internship for this upcoming summer of 2017. Summer Moore, with her quantitative analysis of historical archaeological assemblages on Hawaii, was awarded an NSF grant. Mallory Moran is all set to take off to Canada to explore canoe portage routes under the auspices of a Fulbright.

All-in-all a successful year. We look forward to a new crop of graduate students to again reinvigorate our quest for knowledge and world peace. Okay, well the latter may not be possible, but definitely we continue to seek understanding through knowledge.

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