Congratulations to our Stellar Students 2015-2016

We are so proud to announce that our students have been working hard in the Anthropology Department to cross some big items off their graduation checklist. Done and Done!

Elizabeth Scholz and Tom Cuthbertson both successfully defended their master’s theses this past semester. Elizabeth, whose thesis is titled “Teapots in the Tempest: Ceramics and Military Order at 18th Century Fort Stanwix”,  gave an enlightening talk about how military may have used material culture, especially punch bowls, to maintain a social order in a frontier fort. Tom presented his master’s thesis, “A Confluence of Cultures: Complicating the interpretation of 17th century plantation archaeology using data from Rich Neck Plantation.” Tom’s thesis marshals archaeological, historiographic, and ethnohistorical data to use the excavations at the Rich Neck Plantation as a window into the diversity of the 17th century Atlantic world. An interpretation that highlights the composite nature of captive African communities is produced and juxtaposed against interpretations of the same archaeological artifacts and features through the landscape features and material culture of the English land owners. The tandem analysis of these groups through the archaeological record highlights the tension between them and provides insight into the social dynamics between the two groups.

Elizabeth         Tom

Elizabeth Scholz                                                         Tom Cuthbertson

Mallory Moran and Summer Moore passed their grueling qualifying exams, and Summer additionally defended her dissertation proposal and passed with accolades! Summer is examining how household archaeology, during the tumultuous time of King Kamehameha I, of two sites in Hawaii can shed light on the social and political negotiation that occurs on the periphery. Mallory is preparing her dissertation proposal which examines intersectionality and mobility along canoe portage routes in Maine.

Mallory         Summer

Mallory Moran                                                           Summer Moore


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