AGSC Meeting Minutes – 4.15.15

The meeting of the Anthropology Graduate Student Collective of the College of William & Mary was called to order by President Summer Moore at 6:30 p.m.

7 members present.

The meeting commenced with remarks and announcements from the AGSC President Summer Moore.

President Summer Moore: Discussions of possible constitutional edits and position consolidations were held.

Secretary Erin Schwartz: Minutes will soon be posted to the AGSC website.

Treasurer Josué Nieves: No report.

Vice President and Website & Blog Chair Mallory Moran: Elections will be happening soon. We were thinking that along with elections for President, VP, etc., we could put amendment ballot in the same form. We might want to get the proposed changes sorted out first.

Social Chair Elizabeth Scholz: This week’s Happy Hour will be at 6 at the Green Leafe on Thursday. End of the year thing might be the Sunday after the Keck lab party (which is May 9th).

Guest Speaker Coordinator Alexis Ohman: (update presented by Elizabeth Scholz) Guest speaker series is underway. Tomorrow is our first one at 2 p.m. We are trying to record the talk or livestream it. Someone needs to go pick up the equipment tomorrow and post it later. Jack Martin and the linguistic department are organizing a dinner for the speakers.

Exhibits and Space Committee Representative Rachael Hulvey: Not present.

Public Event Coordinator Ally Campo: The IG is live! Follow us @anthrogradsc. Anyone who has pictures of them doing fieldwork, labwork, or socializing with fellow anthrograds, please send them to Make sure to request your filter.

Budget Committee Representative Josué Nieves: *See Treasurer’s report.

Graduate Committee Representative Summer Moore: They have only met twice this term.

GSA Anthropology Representative Sarah Mattes: Grad Bash is next Friday. More food! More drinks! Public Policy is doing an interdisciplinary panel on SCOTUS’ decision on marriage rights. Keep a look out for that. There’s also One Tribe, One Day and the volleyball cookout on Tuesday. This is the day where they want people to donate to the college to show the administration that we care about the school. Even if it’s a dollar. College Delly night is likely happening again (towards the last week of the semester). People also should start thinking about who should be the new GSA rep.

Old Business:

– None.

New Business:

– See President’s report.

The meeting concluded at 8:05 p.m.

Erin Schwartz

Secretary, AGSC

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